Chicken-Almond Salad Sandwich

Prep Time
15 minutes
Chicken-Almond Salad Sandwich

Nutrition Information

Calories 441
Fat 14.6 g
Saturated fat 1.9 g
Cholesterol 56.5 mg
Sodium 470.6 mg
Carbs 35.1 g
Fiber 6.3 g
Protein 40.1 g
Sugar 11.7 g
Calcium 152.5 mg
Potassium 609.3 mg
Health Benefit

Featuring lean cooked chicken, slivered almonds, juicy grapes, and whole-grain bread, this version of chicken salad is unlike any deli creation you’ve ever had! Swapping in light Greek yogurt for the typical mayo keeps it creamy and delicious while adding protein and cutting fat and cholesterol.


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  1. Drain and rinse the chicken breast to remove excess sodium. In a large mixing bowl, combine the Greek yogurt, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Stir to mix; it will be quite thick. Add the chicken breast, almonds, grapes, salt, and pepper. Stir gently to mix.
  2. Spread ½ tsp. Dijon mustard each over 4 slices of bread. Arrange the lettuce leaves and a few tomato slices on the bread, over the mustard. Divide the chicken salad between them, then top with the remaining bread slices. Cut into halves and enjoy.

Helpful Hints:

  • The chicken salad can be made up to 2 days in advance. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Do not assemble sandwiches until ready to eat.
  • Try grilling the bread for a little more crunch.